by Sue Helms

For every tear a child sheds a parent will shed two.

For every child that takes a misstep now and then a parents' heart remembers when, they stumbled two.











They will recall the pain of their own heartache. It's not enough that we warn them. They must know the pain for themselves. Few can learn from others errors. We must each learn for ourselves. Each error has an equal consequence in relation to the pain it causes.


                                                                                   In later life we see the errors of our ways and shake                                                                                     our heads in regretful and bitter disgust softened only                                                                                  by years gone past. Secretly hoping we have all the                                                                                        heartache behind us. Wishing for our stealthy bodies                                                                                    to be returned.





Without the many shades of pain, we would never know the praises of joy. Then the physical pain begins and the heartache seems to melt away as our body accepts the curse of time. Years of bad habits accumulate in our muscles and bones. Waiting for our time to be called home, for a nobler purpose in God's great plan.















He will be “The Keeper” of our souls for eternity as we shape-shift from the great Earth and discard the vessel that held our soul. He is the Great Curator of time and souls. The Great Creator of life, love, mercy, light and even the darkness. All food for the soul for better or for worse. Enriching us in the wisdom of elder years. He is the KEEPER of a sweet spot twix a smile and a tear. Forever watchful, forever forgiving, forever loving, always & forever there.


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