Let the Healing Begin

Kia Adams

In life we are faced with many challenges; some good and some bad.  Behind the bad challenges we often find ourselves hurt.  Hurt comes in many forms.  Hurt can come in anger, resentment, bitterness, and unforgiveness.  All these forms of hurt have a negative impact in your life and with your health. 




Anger, frustration and sadness increases stress in our bodies, which causes us to age faster.  Also, hurt causes high blood pressure and can turn into depression, anxiety and rage.  Carrying these negative feelings can have a spillover effect and affect our personal and professional relationships. 










SO!  LET THE HEALING BEGIN by ridding yourselves from all negative emotions.  How do you do make this happen?  By first pinpointing what the hurt is and where it came from.  Example:  Rejection – growing up without a mother.  So now that you know where the hurt began, you can start working on the negative emotion by reading scripture, seeking counsel, and having a great support system to help and encourage you in your time of healing.

Until next month...Let the Healing Begin   :-)



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