You Know Me

by Sue Helms


If you close your eyes to the pain of life’s tragedies, you must strengthen your other senses to continue your journey through life.  You learn to function on other levels when the pain seems too much to bear. 

You must hear the wails of a broken heart.  You must

comfort others with a tender and gentle touch.  Yet another

burden to bear; you will taste the bitterness of unfairness

and loss.  As the fragrance of lilies and roses fill the air, you

will recall these times in the coming years.  You will pray for strength to right the wrongs and injustices of life.  You make promises you cannot keep so you will pray harder when asking for forgiveness.  You will soon learn some of life’s inequities can never be resolved.  You must let it be. You must accept that you are not the one to make things right. You must accept that there are things you cannot change.

At times you will accept it with reluctance, bitterness and defiance.  Still clinging to the hope that wrongs can be righted.  Believing hearts can be healed.  Memories erased or at least fade into obscurity lessening their importance and the resulting pain.

Lastly, just do your level best and for your efforts you will be blessed. Teach your children what you have learned and pray they will hang on your every word.  Live each day as if it’s your last and as I have said and so at night you will rest better than most and each day you will be able to live fully. Until your name is called, carry on and be yourself for everyone else is already taken!