Mastering Emotions

Aja Beckwith

Age:  20

what we think and believe is what becomes true.

The true captains of their souls are those who have control over their emotions.

Mastering emotions is not easy, but it is worth taking the journey.  There will always be situations that will try to take over our emotions.  A person may feel like it’s hard to master their emotions, but if we take the right steps it will become easy as well as become a natural way of life.












Lack of communication is one form that can cause someone to not have control over their emotions.  We as people have not taken the right steps or have not been taught how to have effective communication.  Whether we are guilty of over talking each other, saying hurtful things, belittling, demeaning, storming out or shutting down; it is all because we have not mastered our emotions. 














We've lived for so long not having control over our emotions that it seems normal.  What we do not understand is that even though our stance may be right in a particular situation, we have to learn how to effectively communicate our feelings and emotions.  What I would like to leave with you today is this…It is okay to feel the feeling, BUT we must choose the correct reaction and this is how we learn to, “MASTER OUR EMOTIONS.”


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