The Power of Compassion

Steven Hannon

(Age:  20)

Compassion is for gentle hearts and for ones who feel abandoned.  Abandonment is one of the worst feelings because you feel like no one loves or wants you. It is very important that we show love to people because we do not know their past and the experiences they have encountered.

I've been through abandonment and it is the main reason that I show so much love and compassion to others.  I believe that everyone deserves compassion and love no matter the circumstances.  I was raised with love and compassion.  On the same token, a person can be raised in a loving and compassionate atmosphere and still be bitter. If their past was damaging before coming into a healthier environment, they may not be able to embrace the atmosphere they have always desired.

When I was a child, I had to fend for myself.  My mom was an addict of many substances and my dad was trying the best he could to at least make sure that my siblings and I ate. Still yet, he wasn't doing right by us.  I had to overcome my past and realize that I cannot treat everyone how I was treated because everyone is different.  At a young age, I had to understand that everyone was not like my parents.  There were people that showed me so much love, but the damage I experienced from my parents did not always allow me to embrace love from others.


What people express the most from a pain perspective is what people lacked in their childhood. I lost my dad to cancer at a young age.  Even though, I did not know him as I should have known him and this still hurts me deeply. To know that I will not have another opportunity to get to know him.  I desired to create a bond with my dad because people often tell me that I have similar qualities as him.  I only have what people tell me, but not the memories of personally knowing these things on my own.  I've held dear to having these memories because I have a brother that has been deeply traumatized and physically effected to the point of no longer being able to walk.  This part of my past helps me to realize the importance of compassion as I have to show compassion, support and love to my brother.  If I lack showing him compassion that means he will not have compassion toward others thinking everyone is the same.  It is my responsibility to show him as much compassion as possible because I do not want him feel that he is alone.  No matter the distance between us living in different states, I will always be there for him no matter the circumstances.  

Also, my sister was deeply effected in ways that are unimaginable. It hurts because she was the oldest sibling trying her best to look out for my brother and I.  Recently, I found out several things that she went through as a young child that hurt me deeply.  I know that she had it hard coming up and the things she was subjected to were not her fault.  I have to forgive her for things that she did as a child.  I fight this battle everyday in my heart telling myself that I am going to forgive her.

In these instances is where compassion plays a great role.  If I didn't have love for my sister, I wouldn't care to check up on her and be a support system for her.  This alone, shows all that I've been through, but I still have compassion for my siblings and other people.  I can choose to be bitter and push everyone away, but compassion fills the void of what I was missing as a child.  I'm not going to blame my circumstances on my parents because at the end of the day, I can choose how I want to deal with the misfortunes I faced in my younger years.  I deeply desire to see everyone shine and grow to their full extent living a life of compassion and love with a desire to better themselves.

To all of my readers, I truly love you and I do not want to see you fall.  I desire to see you come out on top and improve without allowing your situations of your past or present to get the best of you.  All of these things expressed to you are truly from my heart.  I'm in hopes of meeting you personally so that you can see the things that I've shared with you are true.


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