Purifying Our Marriages

Sunny D

The wife stayed home and took care of the family. The husband left home to work and provide for his family. As I recall, the biggest problem married couples had in these stories was the villain trying to steal the wife away from her true love/ husband. Throughout all the fairy tales I read, the husband would always honor and protect his wife to the very end. The wife was pure and always stayed true to her husband. The stories always ended with the couples living happily ever after.













Next add the following rituals into your marriage:

  • Pray together for each other

  • Take care of your physical health. Stay attractive to your mate.

  • Keep all lines of communication open (spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially). Share openly and honestly with each other. Be honest and do not harbor resentment. (Every adultery begins with a secret.)

  • When away from spouse/family, surround yourself with reminders of your love ones. Call and speak to each other daily. Reinforce the connection to spouse/family/home.

  • Show loyalty to spouse/family by speaking highly of them (never downgrade them to anyone especially the opposite sex.

  • Be sensitive to your spouse needs although their needs may be different than yours.

  • Guard your mind! Be careful to what you read, watch on television and listen to.

  • Talk about small problems immediately so they do not become large problems.


















Lastly, take time to invest and purify your marriage.

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Sunny D












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