Rigidness:  Who Moved Your Cheese?

Steven Hannon

(Age:  20)

Rigidness is a form of routine behavior as a person tends to not do that many things outside of what their use to doing.  When it comes to trying something new, there is either not an interest or there is a lack of adapting to new environments, ideas, and situations.  Usually, when the person is confronted, they do not always agree that they are rigid.  They truly cannot see it as a problem because it is normal to them.  A person should be very careful if they date a rigid person. If a person has a love, passion or hobby to do something, the rigid person would have a hard time making a sacrifice for something they’re not interested in doing. 









The dangers of not being flexible makes one miss out on a lot in life because rigid people do not tend to think big.  They think very small with limited or no goals to accomplish.  For a believer, if God warns a rigid person of something they should not do, they will most likely disobey the command.  This develops a life full of consequences that follows them until they make a decision to change.  

I am working on overcoming being a rigid person.  There are very few things that I am interested in doing.  Now that I have become aware of this character flaw, I am putting forth more effort to break this routine.  When my household needs something, I always volunteer because it breaks me out of the habit of being routine.  This allows me to be engaged in always doing something new.  There have been times when I regretted volunteering like one time I offered to take a ride at 3:00 AM in efforts to get someone home.  As the ride was taking place I said to myself, “Why did I volunteer to do this?”  Boy did I learn my lesson…LOL!  On a serious note, I’m still going to volunteer my time.












I use to always talk about what I wasn’t interested in doing.  Now, I no longer say those words.  I put forth a lot of effort to be flexible and more willing to change and do new and different things.

Sincerely yours,

This awesome guy named Steven!

Who Moved My Cheese?

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