You Know Me

by Sue Helms

LORD you know the times my property was stolen, how many times my heart was broken, and how often I was stabbed in the back so deeply the blade nicked the jugular of my soul.  .As I lay battered, broken and bleeding you sent help.  An angel in disguise of a handsome 30 something year old man with his patient, gentle ways, his tanned skin and his china blue eyes. He had loved me before we met; even before I wanted him to love me. He made me feel protected and safe and I wanted to protect him from me; my way of life.  With the slings and arrows that were ever present in my world, one may miss its mark and hit him.  I wanted to tell him to go; go find someone else to save.  Someone more deserving than I; more worthy of your grace and your forgiveness. It would be too much work, too much time, too much effort, and too much to invest for the small return.

Instead, I remained silent as I soon learned that he needed to be saved as much as I did.  Does it matter who saved who?  It matters only that we loved, we learned from each other, and our time together was ours alone and that God shined his light upon us. For 20 years we laughed, we cried, we shared life, even the deaths of those who gave us life, the joys of grandchildren and so much more. 

Rest sweetheart rest. I'll be there in God's time. Thank you Lord for those wonderful days!  If we read, listen and really hear His words, He tells us we must trust Him and if we trust Him, He will keep His word to us forever. Our lives will be filled with love, bounty, mercy and contentment. Our earthly life will be extended to His heavenly eternity. That is His never failing promise. If you read the following verses all found in the book of Psalms, they all reiterate the same promise. They show the great extent of His love. His love will warm you and comfort you. I promise! In loving memory of Gene Helms, Jr.


All in Psalms 46:1-3, 138:7, 18:2, 37:24, 37:39, 9:9, 27:14, 55:22.


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