B. Evan Majors (Bio continued)

B. Evan Majors is a partner of Strategic Power Enterprise, LLC which provides administration, team building, and project management services for other organizations aiming to positively impact communities.  Strategic Power Enterprise is a leader in assisting young entrepreneurs to cultivate their skills who do not have the resources or knowledge necessary to establish their businesses with a solid platform for success.  Also, B. Evan Majors has a Paralegal Law degree as well as additional skills in the fields of Interior Design and Culinary Artistry.

B. Evan Majors, is the Senior Pastor and founder of New Destiny Global Ministries as well as Overseer and founder of World Impact Fellowship of Churches International where he is the overseer of several ministries within the United States and Africa.  B. Evan Majors has been a pastor for 9 years with his first appointment in 2009 to Praise & Unity Tabernacle of Deliverance in Schenectady, NY.

B. Evan Majors is the father of two very brilliant children Josiah Majors and Ren’gia Majors as well as four adopted children Michai Oliver, Victoria Bourne, Whitney Burnette and Robin Little.   B. Evan Majors raised his biological children independently from toddlers up to the current age of 11 and 12 years of age. He is known as “Father Abraham,” because he has many sons and daughters who he takes in as his own. 


B. Evan Majors is a man of great integrity, love and power.  He leads as a beacon of light to signal those who are lost to be found.  During his time of pastoring, he and his members have been witnesses of many signs, miracles and wonders that have happened through God using the ministry.   Many have been saved, received the gift of the Holy Spirit, and obtained restoration into their lives and relationships, healed from sickness, favored with financial increases, and more.  B. Evan Majors affirms to be only a vessel that God has seen fit to use and accredits all things to the glory of God.  His life exhibits one of servanthood and humility as he uses the word of God to teach and preach valuable lessons.  He believes that man must show high reverence for the oracles of God.  His favorite saying is, “There’s no place to go from here but up!”  B. Evan Majors is an oracle of God with a bright future.  He carries each of his mantles with a humble spirit as he continuously submits to the Lord for the ordering of his footsteps.

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