Time to Purify

Devon Robinson

Have you reached a point in your life where you desire for God to purify your life? 


Whether this longing is from having visibility of the calamities in the world resulting from sinful lives or possibly your own sinful nature that has run its course no longer satisfying the taste buds of the flesh. Or maybe, you’ve reached a point of “being sick and tired of being tired.”


But he knows the way that I take. When he has tried me, I shall come forth like gold.

 Job 23:10 (WEB)

The definition of Purification is the removal of contaminants from something or the process of making something spiritually or ceremonially clean. 

Purification is a spiritual process that affects every aspect of one’s life.  When we make a decision to allow God to take us through the process of purification our insight is illuminated to a different level.  The sinful nature that dominated our thoughts and actions becomes more distasteful as we desire for our Heavenly Master to create in us a clean heart.  (Psalm 51:10)  The process of surrender reshapes our character into the image and likeness of God.  Although purification is not an easy process, it may be time for us to purify as the benefits far out way the process. 

If you’re saying to yourself, “I’m already saved and my life has been purified,” but aspects of your lifestyle match the ways of the world, this may be a great season to go before God with a prayer of purification. 

We live in a fallen world full of toxins and contaminates, which have the ability to affect our mind, body, soul and spirit.  We as a human race are habitual creatures.  Before long, one can look and instantly feel like prey to sharks in the middle of an ocean wondering, “How did I get here?”  The word of God lets us know that the serpent is crafty. (Genesis 3:1) Personally, I’ve never seen a scripture which talks about the devil sleeping. Even while people are sleeping, he is plotting, planning and deceiving.  Even when we have given our life to Christ, we can slip back into old habits, mindsets and behaviors which can cause us to shed a negative light on our God. 

Prayer of Purification

Lord, we come to you thank you for being a sovereign, righteous and holy God.  We thank you for saving us from ourselves and the sinful nature of this world.  We thank you for forgiving us of our sins.  We realize that we fall short of your glory and without your grace, mercy and love there is no sustaining power for us.

We ask that you will purify our lives from everything that is not like you.  We repent from all of our sins that have brought forth a stench in your nostrils. Clean us from everything that bears false witness to your name.  Place us on the potter’s wheel of your heart so we may live a life that is pleasing and acceptable in your sight. 

Remove all contaminating thoughts, actions, and ways from our lives.  Ensure that we keep good company that glorifies you so we be sharpened with the iron of brothers and sisters that desire to please you. We need you to command our every footstep against our own personal will so that the good and perfect will of our Father will rule, reign and dominate our lives.

We thank you for giving us an opportunity to see another day so we may repent and set our lives on a course that is pleasing to you. 

In Jesus Name


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