Church Rotation:


We live in a time that moral degradation is evident in every aspect of our societies. In some cases we are onlookers and in others, we are undesiring participants as destruction invades our marriages, families, relationships, children, our workplace environments and even our ministries. The hearts and spirits of many are filled with anger, resentment, frustration, bitterness, jealousy, rage, depression and all forms of mental afflictions. 


In spite of all of these factors that affect our lives, there is still hope if we are willing to come out of “Church Rotation” and walk in obedience to the commands of God. God’s love, promises, faithfulness and mercy are consistent and unwavering. God is the “Rock” and Jesus is the “Builder.” He has established us on a solid foundation that is unmovable. If you’re ready to walk into a successful and victorious life, “Church Rotation” lays out the steps needed to realign your life into a triumphant future.

Do you have questions…


What is the church?


What is the purpose of the church?


Am I fulfilling God's requirements as a part of His church?


How do I become more than just a hearer of the word?


How do I break the "Church Rotation" cycle in the life of my family?


I am an unbeliever that needs more clarity related to the church.  How do I get started?


How do I overcome church hurt?


How do I break the cycle of church and ministry hopping in my life?


How do I reach a point of satisfaction within ministry regardless to the actions of those around me?


What is the Great Commission?


How do I stay "set apart" for the work of the Lord?


How do I walk in obedience according to the will of God?


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