We realize that most in our society have experienced a wide array of circumstances in life that have trotted us off of the beaten path to destiny. Whether our experiences have included abandonment, rejection, divorce, financial set-backs, loss of loved ones, molestation, loneliness, single-parenting, abusive and broken relationships, or residue from dysfunctional families, The Center of Power & Purpose desires for ALL to know that there is hope for EVERYONE!  


Painful experiences plague the lives of many with emotional wounds and feelings of anger, bitterness, rage, depression, suicidal thoughts, unforgiveness, unhappiness, resentment, disappointment, guilt, fear, low self-worth, arrogance, pride, jealousy, unfulfilled lives and an array of other emotions. The Center of Power & Purpose has future programs that will assist both youth and adults in transitioning from victim to Victor…from defeat to Conqueror…from lost to being Destined for GREATNESS as individuals who learn to tap into their Power and Purpose!


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