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"What Would You Do IF?" How It All Begins

Our journey into making unwise decisions starts early in age when we begin to rely on our own feelings and emotions to guide our decisions. With well-meant intentions, we believe that we know what is best for our family, friends, co-workers, associates and even ourselves.

In most cases, it is not until we have been in the process of making our own choices for years that brings us to the realization that things are not going as we expected. After setbacks in many areas including our relationships, finances, career/educational goals, we begin to realize things have spindled out of control and we are not sure how to get the ship turned in the right direction.

Suddenly, regardless to whether we have been in relationship with God or in regular visitation to a religious institution (church) with other believers, we begin to come to terms with these thoughts and questions:

  • “I need God”

  • “Maybe God knows what is best for me”

  • “Where is God when I’m in trouble”

  • “How come I do not feel His presence?”

Truthfully, God has always been right there and He has the answer to every dilemma we face in life. Many of us have learned different spiritual lessons, scriptures and experiences that show forth that the word of God is true. Since each of us haven’t read the word in its entirety, we may know how to handle some situations and not others. Or if we know the right way, it becomes hard when we lack accountability to “hold our feet to the fire” of doing what is right.

Here lies the reason for “What Would You Do?” As a community of Christian believers we will GROW TOGETHER and be a source of accountability to each other’s conscience. Although, we deal with a variety of circumstances in life, many of us or the people we are connected to go through life being confronted with similar situations. The reinforcement of positive behavior in various situations will help us to become more conscious of our behaviors as Christians. Thus, bringing us into another level of awareness as to how we positively or negatively impact our lives as well as those connected to us.

As we embark on this journey as brothers and sisters LET’S BECOME BETTER TOGETHER! Collectively, we embrace the opportunity of becoming spiritual vessels for God to use in the earth realm as testimonies of His goodness. Following God’s principles will lead us into perfect peace in every situation. It’s time for us to quiet the storms in our lives and return to our first love – Jesus Christ.

Let The Journey Begin

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