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What Would You Do IF? "The Angry Landlord"

What is anger? Anger is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. I can remember when I was young, people were nice. People held doors open for others, they spoke when passing someone; they helped someone in need and above all, they had respect for one another. I don’t see that now, every time I look around I see videos of people fighting. Children disrespecting their parents, teachers, the elderly, people of authority and each other. Bullying is at an all-time high and just the other day an 11 year old girl and a survivor of brain cancer went home from school and killed herself. She killed herself because she was being bullied. Other children picked on the way she smiled. It was crooked from having cancer and going through treatments. Then I turn on the news and saw where someone had killed two people. I asked myself “why are they so mean and angry?” Why are people mean and angry? Well…. past experiences, when one experienced particular situations in the past that could have made them feel angry either as a child or as an adult. Also, current circumstances, if one is dealing with a lot of problems in their life right now; they might find themselves feeling angry more easily than usual, or getting angry at unrelated things.

Just a few years ago I was facing some challenges in my life, and at the time I needed some extra time paying my rent. So I went to speak with the landlord to explain my situation. So I gave her my letter from my employer showing her where my pay was cut when I transferred locations, and stated that I needed till the next pay period. Now I am not the one to ask for handouts, I just simply needed two more weeks. The landlord got angry, looked at me, threw my paper back at me and said, “you people can’t live nowhere for free” and walked away. Before I tell you what my reaction was, I want to hear from you. What Would You Do, if this happened to you?

Please Remember NO

  • Profanity

  • Disrespect

  • Demeaning Language

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