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Suicide... There's a reason to live

Many of us have crossed roads with despair from the hurt and pain we've experienced in life. If most will be honest, we've all had those times of, "I don't think that I want to do this anymore!" Life's challenges can be over bearing, overwhelming and tiring. It has a way of making us feel depleted and hopeless.

Rest assure there is an answer to the madness. The obstacles we face in life are too much for us to carry because we either do not know Jesus or we haven't learned to cast our burdens on Him. Truthfully speaking, we are supposed to be overwhelmed and over consumed when we try to handle the heartaches of life on our own. Our minds were not created to carry the weight that we shoulder by trying to rely on our own humanness to make it through. Imagine walking down a street and you need to get to the other side of the bridge. Before we reach the bridge, there is a big, gigantic mountain that we do not have the strength to make it around. This is what happens to us in life, but Jesus has the strength to pick us up, take us around or over the mountain placing our feet back on a solid path. Please share with us how you over came thoughts of not wanting to live or if you still struggle in this area.

Choose life today...there's a reason to live!

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