The Dangers of Pride

Steven Hannon

Pride is a flesh eater.  It consumes the person it has a hold of so one must be careful when carrying the spirit of pride.  The spirit of pride takes over a person’s thoughts and reactions of how life situations are handled. 

Pride has other negative traits that operate in conjunction with it.  One of those traits is the spirit of offense.  These additional challenges can make getting rid of this negative emotion very difficult.  Pride can tamper with all relationships from friendships, significant others as well as family.  Pride causes great internal frustration within oneself.  It can make a person not want to be included in activities with people who know them well.  A prideful state can make a person feel their loved ones are always trying to ‘one up’ them on the things they say and do. When things of this nature take place, it is best not to stay in this state of mind.  It is very important to recognize and destroy prideful thoughts when they first take place in one’s mind.

When those who are close to a prideful person recognize the characteristics of pride, it is best to realize that people are trying to help a person to become a better person and not to cause them harm.  Often, people with the spirit of pride view the statements of others to correct this behavior as criticism when this is not the case. Others realizing these inefficiencies in us can be used in a positive manner causing us to self-evaluate ourselves.

When a person is trying to overcome pride, they must change their way of thinking when it comes to how they handle all situations. Prideful people can be very defensive when it comes to anything that is said to them.  There are times it can be an atmosphere of joking and a prideful person can become very aggressive with their responses.

If you find yourself having challenges with pride, please make it a priority to seek deliverance.  You must keep yourself guarded always because this spirit can creep up on a person at any time.  Sometimes, it will make its presence known in the subtlest ways. Please remember that pride has a lot of spirit pals that would love to jump on the bandwagon to make overcoming its distasteful stance more difficult.

Signing off,

Steven Hannon (Back and Improved)

AKA Truly Your Buddy


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